Kitchen Refurbishments

Having renovated many kitchens to date, the Jim Becker Construction team is knowledgeable on the current trends, styles, and best products to install in kitchens. We personalize each kitchen to carefully craft it into something you will love, and will suit your family’s needs.

When it comes to kitchens, there’s a variety of elements that can be updated which will completely transform the look and feel of the space. Kitchen cabinets are a big component of this, with many different styles and configurations. Our millwork partners are able to offer standard and custom designs for you to pick from, and will help narrow down the options to ones that will fit your lifestyle and budget.

Fixtures and appliances are another big factor in kitchen renovations.The kitchen sink is a focal point in any kitchen and the surrounding appliances can drastically turn an old looking space into something new, fresh, and sleek. In the renovation process, we can remove and replace any of these components and help you select replacements that will fit well with the rest of the kitchen.

Updating the configuration of your kitchen can also make a big impact. Between galley style, to peninsula shapes, to more traditional U-shaped kitchens, our team can build them all. Don’t feel like you’re limited to the configuration you have now. Let us assess your space, and show you the many ways that it can be shaped!

 The Jim Becker Construction team knows a thing or two about kitchen remodels, and has the experience to help you get your home to where it needs to be.
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