• I met Jim Becker in July 2012 shortly after my husband and I moved into my husband’s idea of a perfect log home. I shook Jim’s hand and dragged him through the house pointing out desired improvements while my husband rolled his eyes. The first item on my list was to finish the railing on the deck which was dismantled a year later when Jim built an addition to the house. Shortly after the railing was done, I decided that our xx by xx garage was too small to hold all of our stuff. Jim added on to the garage and made it look as though it were part of the original structure. Since I’m a “city girl,” I could not imagine living without running water in the event of a power outage. Jim put us in touch with a fabulous electrician to install a generator and then Jim built a structure to camouflage it. Jim really earned a gold hammer with the addition of a bedroom suite and laundry room to the house. He was able to complete the project perfectly while I was focusing on the budget and my husband was demanding that the addition not change the look of the house. The architect, who Jim recommended, did a wonderful design, but Jim did the rest which included working magic to make the color of new log siding match the 7 year-old logs on the original structure. I was so proud recently when a carpenter visiting the house was amazed that the addition was not part of the original house. Jim has done an amazing job of balancing all of my ever-changing ideas with my husband’s desire to not change a thing. I have learned the hard way to trust Jim’s judgment. When I once disregarded his recommendation, I regretted it. He and I have even been able to work together with my desire to be “green.” Reduce, reuse, recycle is sometimes ridiculous. Jim has a great network of suppliers and tradesmen who work together well. When the addition was done, there were no delays waiting for a trade to show up. There was someone here every day from the time that the concrete was poured to the time that the carpet was laid. Each of the workers was efficient, friendly and considerate. I am currently planning to remodel the kitchen by removing a wall and cutting holes in another. I’m confident that it will be beautiful and within budget because of Jim Becker. My husband is allowing another change to his “perfect” log home because he trusts Jim. If you’re considering a project, I would recommend that you work with Jim. He is honest and will work with you to achieve your goals in a common-sense way.

    Rating: Bev and Kevin Kaemmerer, Steelville, MO

  • One of the hardest working- stand-up guys that I have ever had the pleasure to be around! A good company ran by a Good Man! An excellent choice for any project of any size.

    Rating: Pete Stringer